“I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree. Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”
-- Alfred Joyce Kilmer
Douglas Road
Today we face numerous environmental problems contributed by man. Acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and air and water pollution, are only a few of the problems. As we enter into this new millenium, we will continue to experience a diminishing supply of natural resources. It is important therefore, that we conserve our valuable resources by reusing and recycling them whenever possible.

By recycling, less energy is required than when using virgin resources, both in the initial extraction of resources and in manufacturing new products. Recycling conserves valuable natural resources and saves millions of dollars of valuable materials that would otherwise be buried in landfills. For the environment, processing recyclables into new goods produces far less air, water, and land pollution.

By changing our destructive habits we will begin to sustain a healthier environment and preserve our finite resources for future generations. That is why Sutherlin Sanitary Service has made a commitment to recycling....Please join us in this endeavor!
Residential Recycle Information
(picked up on route)
How to Recycle
Sutherlin Sanitary Service has available a green recycle box.* It is important that you recycle properly. ONLY clean, properly separated and prepared material PLACED IN GREEN RECYCLE BOX will be accepted. Contaminated or mixed materials will not be picked up. CALL TO RECEIVE YOUR GREEN RECYCLE BOX TODAY: 541- 459-3139

** a one time “refundable” deposit is required **

What to Recycle

Anything that comes in your newspaper can be recycled with your newspaper. Tie in convenient sized bundles, or place in doubled paper bags. NO MAIL OR CEREAL BOXES.


Non-returnable aluminum cans, frozen dinner trays, aluminum foil & pie pans. Clean & flatten and place in doubled paper bags.


Rinse out, clean, remove labels, open both ends and flatten if possible. Place in doubled paper bags.


Remove lids and clean. Labels need not be removed. NO window glass, light bulbs, pyrex, mirrors or drinking glasses. Place in doubled paper bags.


Collect used motor oil in non-breakable containers (milk jugs) with a tight fitting screw-top lid. No paint thinner or other hazardous liquids. (Every 100 gallons of recycled oil saves 65 gallons of new oil. One gallon of oil in a lake will produce a five-acre oil sheen.)

Place all bagged items in green recycle box and place next to your trash can for pick-up on your garbage day. DO NOT place loose or unbagged items in green recycle box. DO NOT mix different recycle items in same paper bag!


Where To Recycle
If you wish to drop off your recyclables, the following sites are available for your convenience:

Sutherlin Sanitary Service: 541-459-3139 We pickup your recyclables at your home or place of business. You can now drop off recycle at our Sutherlin Recycle Depot, 1066 S. Calapooia, Sutherlin

Sunrise Enterprises: 541- 673-0195 1950 NW Mulholland -- Drop off anytime.

Douglas County Landfills & Transfer Sites - Call Douglas County Public Works for more information.